The Oral Hygiene Centre

Smile Makeover

If you’re unhappy with your teeth but are unsure how to proceed, why not book yourself into The Oral Hygiene Centre and Devonshire Dental Clinic for our famous ‘Smile Makeover’? The dentists at The Oral Hygiene Centre will examine your teeth, listen to your concerns and create a bespoke programme of cosmetic dentistry especially for you. Call us on 0207 935 9905 today to speak with a cosmetic dentist in Harley Street.

Not everybody wants the sparkling ‘Hollywood’ smile, but if you’re unhappy with the way your teeth and gums look, we can devise a treatment programme based around what you would like to see when you look in the mirror. From polishing out small chips, to fitting braces and placing dental implants, the specialist team at The Oral Hygiene Centre can provide you with everything you need to create you ideal smile. Why should a makeover be restricted to clothes and hair? With help from us you can make your smile something to be proud of. Contact us today to arrange a consultation.


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