The Oral Hygiene Centre

Root Canal Treatment

Looking for an endodontist in London? If you’re suffering from toothache or have noticed one or more of your teeth becoming darker in colour, you may have an abscess, which is when infection builds up in the pulp at the centre of your tooth. In order to treat the abscess and to make sure it doesn’t spread to the rest of your body you may have to undergo endodontic or root canal treatment.

Our dental surgeon will use the latest technology to access the pulp chamber of your tooth and clean out the infection, making the procedure as simple and pain free as possible. Remember that root canal treatment might involve several trips to the dentist because a temporary filling is fitted to allow the tooth to settle before a permanent filling is used to seal the cleaned tooth. Cleaning out any infection that develops is essential to the health of your teeth and taking care of your mouth by brushing and flossing regularly can help ensure that any treatment is kept to a minimum. For more information contact the Oral Hygiene Centre and Devonshire Dental Clinic today.


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